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 Otherworldly dreamer

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PostSubject: Otherworldly dreamer   Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:29 pm

I found this on a tab site. It sounds good i know theres an easier chord to play other than that first one so maybe someone could post if they know an easier way. but this is it. good to my ears. this song

Ok so here are the four chords used throughout the song (I don't know the first one's name)

3 2 3 2
5 3 3 3
4 2 0 4
5 0 0 4
x x 2 2
x x 3 x

I haven't figured out the intro totally, but the last bit is an arpeggiated form of the
first chord an octave higher, followed by this lick (all hammered on):

14h15 12h14 10h12 9h10 7h9 5h7 3h5 2h3

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Otherworldly dreamer
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