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PostSubject: MAYNARD SECRETLY HATES US ALL!!!   Sun May 21, 2017 2:31 pm

I'm sorry but this still never gets old for me...

...ESPECIALLY every time I hear someone tell me something like, "Nah man, seriously, they're wrapping up recording right now, it'll be out THIS YEAR!!!" BullFUCKINGshit. Pigs will be fuckin flying before Tool comes out with a new album. MAAAAAYBE if we're lucky, it'll be in our lifetimes, if we survive the next fuckin 50 years when Maynard's finally so decrepit and old he HAS to whore himself out for a few more bucks and finally release the album that that's probably been fucking recorded for the past 10 years they just wanna build up a mystique or what the FUCK ever.... 9_9

[sorry Maynard! *bows down*]

but seriously though, that fuckin "new Tool album"? Yeah, that's the magical rainbow unicorn of the music industry (*psst* that means it doesn't exist). :D

P.S. Though Maynard is admitedly more "heady"/intellectual, etc. in his music, Dax and Maynard are on par as musicians IMO. They're both extremely prolific, have totally different sounds/bands/acts, demonstrate INSANE versatility, amazing lyrics... Dax is the underrated Maynard.
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