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 Maybe a stupid ass question

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PostSubject: Re: Maybe a stupid ass question   Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:17 pm

We were, like, sitting on his couch and talking about music in my last dream. Just having a father to son talk, I guess. lol

I had a dream I was Max Cavalera last night. So strange.
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PostSubject: Re: Maybe a stupid ass question   Sat May 27, 2017 4:33 pm

DiamondEyes wrote:
i know ive posted this on here, or maybe it was skeletal. but i had a conversation with dax at a show about her and this should clear shit up for everyone.
This show was on the tour for "we sing of only blood or love" album.
I told Dax,
ME: "hey no offense, but im SO glad Tess isnt in the band anymore. She really pissed me off when she was singing over top of you, and honestly her voice is terrible. I feel that she tried taking credit for the name youve made for yourself"
DAX: "yeah shes a fucking cunt! she can say she quit, but it was mutual, i didnt want her in the band anymore"
ME: *jaw drops and huge smile forms, made me feel all warm and fuzzy hearing dax say fucking cunt in the same line and about tess of all people*
"hahaha, really? thats awesome! I thought you were gonna get pissed at me for saying something about her. she ruined that album and it was a terrible show cause she kept trying to over top your voice and i came here for you, not to hear her"
DAX: "no its fine, youre alright. but i dont want to talk about her anymore. shes a FUCKING CUNT! it is what it is and i wish her the best but shes not meant for the music im trying to get out there. shes not even good at drumming, anyone with a set could do what she did. people are making more out of her than what she was"

ME: "dude my son can play drums better than her. its annoying to see your fans come to hear your music and voice and then talk about her big saggy titties"
DAX:"hahahaha, yeah fuck her"

im not making any of this up. he called her a "fucking cunt" like 10 times. it was priceless. i didnt think dax talked like that and it made my eyes smile like they never have before! he kept looking at the ground and clenching his fists and shakin his head just calling her a fuckin cunt. ill never forget, that was from Dax's mouth himself. he said she wasnt happy playing shows and began to walk around with her nose in the air and he seen that she was a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up and destroy his shows. this was years ago obviously, so i dont remember all the bits and pieces, but thats the jist of it. the rest of the night i was just so happy and kept smiling at him. when ppl asked about tess id just run up and be like "shes a fucking talentless cunt!" and he'd laugh...then i got wasted and....yeah....that was the end of her. he was gettin irritated at how many ppl were asking about her though. i over heard him eventually say to someone something like "its not like she was good at drums, i let her in the band and shes out now. period."

Best Dax story.

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PostSubject: Re: Maybe a stupid ass question   Mon May 29, 2017 1:09 am

every recording of their shows together features some drunk idiot in the crowd yelling about how hot the drummer is or nice rack. i liked their music but that must have gotten really irritating after awhile. it always seemed like there was awkward pauses in the show after a catcall
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PostSubject: Re: Maybe a stupid ass question   

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Maybe a stupid ass question
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